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Thermal underwear is one of the clothing elements that cannot be missing in the equipment of each athlete

What is a summer thermal underwear and whether it is possible to dress it in warm weather ?

Summer thermal underwear is a fresh undergarment for those who love active leisure and are used to doing sports in any weather. In summer the climate is especially changeable, the sun can quickly hide behind the clouds, and a strong downpour and a cool wind can be replaced by heat in just a few minutes. Deciding to buy fresh underwear for the summer, you can always keep the most comfortable microclimate between the fabric and the body, regardless of the external conditions.

Thermal underwear for the summer of the Stay Fresh series from Silverskin contains 3% silver in the fabric, has hydrophobic and hypoallergenic effect, has no seams and repeats the contours of your body. All products have a number of unique characteristics that will be appreciated by lovers of jogging and cycling, motorcyclists, skateboarders, tourists and everyone who has been used to spend a long time in nature.

Discover the advantages to wear a fresh underwear during spring and summer, and our collection for men's and women's.

Choosing the right base layer to wear during sport activities is fundamental to be able to work-out in comfort.

Silverskin underwear ensures absolute comfort. The highly elastic fabric guarantees a perfect fit to the body, stimulates muscles activity, and contributes to general body’s thermoregulation.

Due to new generation manufacturing process, Silverskin preserves body temperature in cold and warm conditions. The total absence of stitches prevents the formation of irritations.

Silverskin products have been tested in various sport challenges: from climbing the Himalayas to riding in the desert, from hand bike racing to motorcycling, ice skating or mountaineering and trekking; from working in refrigerators to operating in surgery rooms.

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  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Motorcycling
  • Mountain bike
  • Hand biking
  • Climbing
  • Ski
  • Snowboard
  • Skating
  • Paragliding
  • Hunting and archery
  • Fishing
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The 5 characteristics of the yarn that make Silverskin a line of unique products



Silverskin base layers are partially made of silver, which helps maintaining a constant body temperature in warm or cold conditions. Silver’s conductive properties allow to evenly distribute the heat produced by the body and leave it unchanged during physical activity. This feature contributes to the reduction of muscle injury caused by sudden temperature changes.


High breathability

The synthetic component of the yarn and special manufacturing techniques provide Silverskin clothing with exceptional transpiration characteristics. Silverskin base layers maintain dry skin and leave pleasant feelings of comfort during breaks from physical activity.


High elasticity

Another component of Silverskin’s yarn is Lycra which is a highly elastic fabric. Silverskin garments fit the body perfectly like a second skin, ensuring maximum comfort and total freedom of movements. The perfect adhesion to the body characteristic, increases the transpiring and thermo-regulatory action of the product.


Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and antistatic

The properties of the silver contained into the fabric contribute to the uniqueness of the product. Silverskin base layers are antistatic and actively contrast bacterial proliferation caused by sweating while eliminating bad odors. Silverskin is highly antibacterial and hypoallergenic.


Three-dimensional construction without seams

All Silverskin products are made using an innovative manufacturing technique that produces seamless one piece garments. This particular technique allows to obtain completely seamless products that adhere to the body, providing an incredible freedom of movements, while preventing the annoying irritations caused by friction.

Why is Silverskin the best thermal garment ?

Silverskin manufacturing technique allows for perfect adhesion of the garment to the body in every point and for transpiration, total freedom of movements, skin dryness, constant body temperature conservation, and odors elimination.

The company Silverskin represents excellence in the thermal underwear segment. A study of Silverskin properties was conducted in 2013 by AMA SRL (Advance Measurement Applications), which is an academic spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy. AMA conducted a thermographic analytical comparison between Silverskin base-layers and one of our competitor’s comparable products commercially available.

To satisfy our clients all along the year Silverskin products are available in three lines
  • Stay Warm underwear to wear from -20°c to 20°c
  • Stay X-Warm underwear to wear from -40°c to 10°c
  • Stay Fresh underwear to wear from 10°c to 40°c
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Tests’ results

Two athletes were asked to run for about twenty minutes on a treadmill in a gym in July with the absence of air conditioning. One of the athletes was wearing a thermal t-shirt “Stay Fresh” Silverskin, while the other one a t-shirt of a competitor.

As demonstrated in the image the initial conditions were identical for both. The first comparison was taken after ten minutes of running. As it is easily shown the athlete on the right, who was not wearing Silverskin, highlights a slight patch of blue color at the height of the abdomen.

The difference is even more evident at the end of the test. The blue area of the athlete on the right has been extended to the belly, while the athlete who was wearing Silverskin remains uniformly dry.

Our thermal underwear is the ultimate in protecting the body from low temperatures at work. To be put on at the office, under the shirt, under the apron or the white coat.